Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christian couple in court over comments about Islam

This is truly a case that will have far reaching repercussions if this couple are found guilty of "insulting" Islam.  Unfortunately, if they are found not guilty, another Muslim will step forward with another bogus case.  The tragedy is that such a case could even be accepted by a court.  It shows just how far Islamists have come in cowing Britain. 


Christian couple in court over comments about Islam
by Jenna Lyle
Posted: Tuesday, December 8, 2009, 11:31 (GMT)

Christian hotel owners Ben and Sharon Vogelenzang go on trial today for comments they made about Islam.

The couple, who own the Bounty House Hotel in Liverpool, are being prosecuted for a religiously aggravated public disorder after a Muslim guest complained they had made offensive comments to her on March 20.

They allegedly described Muslim dress for women as “bondage” and described the Prophet Mohammed as a “warlord”.
Their legal defence is being funded by the Christian Institute. Its director Colin Hart is appealing to Christians to pray for the couple as they stand before Liverpool Magistrates' Court today and tomorrow.

“We believe that it is the first case of its kind in the UK and could have significant implications for the religious freedom of all Christians,” he said.
Christian Institute spokesman Mike Judge said previously that there were “significant free speech and religious liberty issues at stake”.

The Vogelenzangs fear the court case could lead to financial ruin after a nearby hospital stopped referring patients to the hotel over the accusations. The Christian Institute said the move had led to an 80 per cent drop in the hotel’s income. They face a £5,000 fine and criminal record if found guilty.

Their defence lawyer David Whiting said: “Ben and Sharon do not accept they were threatening, abusive or insulting.”