Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eurodhimmis Unite Against Swiss Minaret Ban

It was pretty much expected that Muslims would become outraged over the Swiss ban on minarets, but the disapproving cries of the non-Muslim Eurowenie population is a bit of a surprise.  Where many in the West are delighted that at long last a government has stood up to Islamic supremacists, the Eurowenies are wetting their panties and cringing in anticipation of a spanking by their Muslim residents.

But the important thing is that Islam has been put on notice that not all Western governments will roll over to the Islamic Jihad.


Eurodhimmis Unite Against Swiss Minaret Ban

"Vengeance, boycotts, retaliation ... this clash with Islam could cost dearly." Don't resist Islamic supremacism! It might make the Islamic supremacists angry!

More on this story. "Europe unites to deplore Swiss ban on minarets," by Charles Bremner for Times Online 
November 30 (thanks to Kris):

The Swiss and European establishment united today in deploring yesterday's decision by Swiss voters to outlaw the construction of minarets but conservative leaders warned that the referendum showed genuine fear over Islam on the continent.

Swiss officials, media and business leaders voiced shame over a vote that they say will stigmatise the country's 400,000 Muslims and stain Switzerland's name in the Muslim world. In contrast, hard right leaders in France, Austria, Italy and the Netherlands hailed what they depicted as a triumph for the people against the elite.

Le Temps, Geneva's establishment newspaper, said: "The vote was inspired by fear, fantasies and ignorance." Damage to the country's international standing would be spectacular, it said. "Vengeance, boycotts, retaliation ... this clash with Islam could cost dearly."...
In other words, roll over.
Pamela has more on the European, Swiss and Muslim reactions: Intifada Switzerland Begins.