Monday, December 7, 2009

The Get-Out-Of-Jail Card

Well, this is the net result of closing Gitmo and all the other detention centers that had been established to hold Muslim terrorists.  Because of the West's capitulation to not holding and interrogating Islamic radicals, we now hand them over to the local authorities in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.  That many are subsequently released to kill again should be no surprise given that we are talking about Muslims jailing Muslims and the generally high levels of native corruption by our "allies" governments.

Which brings us back as to what to do with captured Muslim terrorists.  Taking no prisoners in the classical sense would of course solve all the problems encountered by holding and processing captured terrorists. It would once and for all eliminate any possibility for a given terrorist to return to the fight.  However such a solution just won't fly in the face of political correctness and the suicidal rush to understand the enemy.  Yet.  But we may well come to that position when the war becomes global and in the streets of Western cities.

So, that leaves only the solution for Western powers to incarcerate captured Muslim terrorists in their own secure facilities for the duration of hostilities.  And where might that be?  Why on prison ships, far to sea in international waters.  Such interment would eliminate terrorists from recruiting from within civilian prison populations, keep them from communication with fellow terrorists still fighting the Jihad and make escape impossible.  It would also send the clear message that capture will result in essentially being out of contact with the world at large and eliminate their ability to wage political and legal Jihad from within prison.

All this is quite possible by relying on the Geneva Conventions section that allows the internment of enemy combatants for the duration of hostilities.  While technically, Muslim terrorists do not fit the definition of enemy combatant, no other international or national legal frameworks have any provisions for stateless terrorists either.

It's past time for Western powers to come together and provide a common means of dealing with captured terrorists.  The fragmented and politically correct, multicultural efforts of the major Western powers is actually helping the spread of Islamic Jihad.  The fragmented legal systems and do-gooder human rights folks are making a mockery of the efforts to eliminate Islamic Jihad

The item below highlights the problem in a nutshell.


The Get-Out-Of-Jail Card

December 7, 2009: The Afghan Intelligence service (NDS, a combination FBI/CIA) has been corrupted by cash and political threats. This is a big problem for foreign troops in Afghanistan, especially NATO ones, who are supposed to hand over captured Taliban to the NDS. But often, if too many Taliban are captured, the NDS will refuse to take them all (usually claiming too little evidence to justify holding them.) Some of the captured Taliban will, once in the hands of the NDS, claim they were tortured by the foreign troops. If this gets out into the local media, it becomes a big deal. While Afghans can torture Afghans, and that's not news, for non-Moslem foreigners to do it is very bad. The NDS doesn't want the bother, and will often, especially with the help of a cash bribe or a threat from some senior government official, or tribal chief, just let the guy go. Many of the most valuable Taliban prisoners have enough cash, or powerful enough friends, to persuade the NDS to let them go.

The foreign troops find they are capturing the same Taliban fighters over and over again, or finding, after a battle, the dead bodies of Taliban gunmen they had turned over to the NDS recently. The NDS claim that all this is not their fault, but you don't have to be in Afghanistan long before you realize that the corruption extends to everything, and that the Taliban use it whenever they can. The Americans maintain their own prisons, and tend to ignore complaints of torture. Thus NATO allies are most often screwed by the NDS.