Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Islam's War on America 2009: Jihad in Review

Here's a rundown of Islamic attacks and activity in America in 2009.  Follow the link to Atlas' site for 41 Islamist attacks on America in 2009.

Islam's War on America 2009: Jihad in Review

It's time to step back, take a deep breath and review the war against the west, and specifically America in the year 2009. Islamic invasion of America: The 20 Point Plan 

The stealth jihad is raging every day in our schools, our universities, our culture, in the courtroom and workplaces, but I thought it important to list the Islamic attacks against America this past year -- because the media won't. The colonization is full on.

Look at the number of violent attacks against this country in 2009 alone. And what have we done in retaliation? Taken our shoes off at airports. Confiscated our lotions and perfumes to TSA. Created an outreach division at the State department reporting directly to the Secretary of State. Started teaching a glossed over, mendacious narrative about Islam in public schools across the country. Instituted prayer times for devout Muslims in the workplace. The list towards surrender and dhimmitude goes on and on.

The refusal to address the ideology, the refusal to address the inspiration, the objective, the goals of the devout pursuing the Koranic goal of a universal caliphate ensures our defeat. On December 22, 2001, Richard Reid attempted to blow up a plane with his shoes. Nine years later we are still taking our shoes off while the jihadis have advanced their goals, Islamic supremacists have made incalculable inroads into our government institutions, culture, schools and workplaces. What have we done to combat the enemy within and without? After Bush lost his mojo in 2006, nothing, Worse, we regressed, and in a final act of mass confusion and denial, elected Barack Hussein. Unbelievable.
This is not my father's America.