Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Muslim Guerilla Training in New York

Muslim terrorists are well ensconced in America and are planning a violent overthrow of the government. While the American government ahs lived in denial that Islam is plotting and working to overthrow America, Muslims have been building strength and planning their attacks. If this seems far fetched, remember that Muslims are commanded by the Koran to do whatever they can to impose Sharia on all of humanity.

For more detailed information on the Muslims of America, see Gates of Vienna

who has been following this group for many years.


Muslim Guerilla Training in New York

New MOA Terror Training Video Exposed

The Christian Action Network has been provided with two tapes never before seen by the public. The first shows female Muslim recruits receiving paramilitary training at a 70-acre isolated compound in New York called “Islamberg.” The second shows members of the Muslims of the Americas organization declaring the U.S. a Muslim state and avowing that they will fight the enemies targeting American-Muslims and pledging allegiance to their Pakistan-based leader.