Monday, December 21, 2009

No Christmas in Basra, to avoid offending Shi'ites

The perfect dhimmi, knows his place, gives up his most holy celebration, doesn't cause his Muslim masters any trouble. 

Where is the West to speak up for these victims of Muslim oppression?   

This is truly a sad situation, and one that cannot be remedied by more subservience.  The only remedy for dhimmitude is courage.


No Christmas in Basra, to avoid offending Shi'ites

Would Shi'ites curtail one of their celebrations to show similar "respect" to the Christians? Would they mute their joy on Eid al-Fitr if it began on Good Friday? What do you think? And what would happen to these Christians if they failed to show this "respect"?

"No Christmas celebrations in Basra," 

from Alsumaria,  
December 21 (thanks to Nicholas):

Christians in Basra decided not to celebrate Christmas explicitly as it coincides this year with a sad memorial for Shiite who commemorate the martyrdom of Imam Al Hussain and his brother Al Abbas in Karbala. Bishop Imad Al Banna, the head of Chaldeans Bishops in Basra called on all Christian brethren not to display their joy, not to publicly celebrate the feast of the Nativity or entertaining guests at home to show our respect vis-à-vis Shiites, on the occasion of Muharram, said the statement issued Sunday. The Shiites, according to the lunar calendar, commemorate this year the mourning of Ashura (the 10th of the month of Muharram) the next weekend when Christmas falls on Friday. Meanwhile, bishop of Baghdad Shlimoune Wardouni said that this concerned only Basra.

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