Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A reply to Rajpreet.

A reply to Rajpreet.

You make a good point about domestic violence and the especially vile practice of throwing acid on women.  Violence against women is reprehensible and cannot be tolerated wherever it takes place.  But when that violence is perpetrated before a woman is even married, it cannot be classified as domestic.  Further, acid throwing seems to be centered in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, all 98% Muslim majority countries.

In the past five years of monitoring many international news sources, and reading over 30,000 items, I've found Muslims are responsible for the vast majority of cases of extreme violence of all kinds against women. 

FGM, female genital mutilation is another barbaric practice that is practiced by others than Muslims, but again, Muslim societies account for the overwhelming majority of this horror.  The same for "honor" killings.  These practices were unknown in Europe and North America until there was a significant Muslim population in the last thirty years or so.  I don't know of a single case of acid throwing by a Mormon, Baptist, Catholic or Jew.  

This blog is focused on the negative practices of Islam for the simple reason that Islam is the only "religion" which is bent on imposing itself, and all it's negative practices on all of humanity through relentless violence and deception. 

Where are the major Islamic religious leaders open and public denunciation of these barbaric practices? 

If you have more information, please start a blog to disseminate your findings and share them with the public.  Every bit of exposure of the repression of women wherever it is found is needed to make a better world for all.

Thanks for your input.