Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Haiti, Islamic Relief, UNICEF & the Scientologists

Muslims and Scientologists use Haitian disaster as a means to convert the poor suffering Haitians to their particular brand of "religion". 


Haiti, Islamic Relief, UNICEF & the Scientologists

By Debbie Schlussel

While Israel was one of the first countries to deploy to Haiti to help relief efforts there–and, in fact, the Israeli mobile unit set up on a football field is essentially the only working hospital in Haiti–extremist Muslims and the Church of Scientology are engaged in far weaker efforts in Haiti that are, nonetheless, somewhat frightening.

It’s a religious race  and an apparent attempt to convert people by two cults (Muslims and Scientologists–one with a moongod at its center and the other with a failed science fiction writer as its founder and idol) at a time when  people in Haiti are at their most desperate and looking for something to cling to.  And although the efforts by Muslims (and the Scientologists) are weak in comparison to Israeli and American efforts to help these people, the religious groups’ efforts are clearly designed to get converts when they have nothing but faith to turn to.  These are poor, uneducated people, and the last thing they need in this time of disaster is to be taken advantage of, er . . . “helped,” by Islamic proselytizers.