Monday, January 4, 2010

Taliban must join security forces, says Brit general

Can't make this sh*t up.  "Taliban must join security forces"  says Brit General.  This man, much like the PC, multi-culti British government he works for are idiots.  Dangerous idiots.  How can such an intelligent man believe anyone can ever work with Muslim fanatics?  If Western governments don't get some hard core politicians in office who have the interest of their countries over the concept of global multiculturalism, we are doomed to decades of attack after attack by  Muslims.  What these twits refuse to understand is that Islam is an absolutist entity which allows no compromise and believes itself the be the infallible messenger of god.  Perhaps the good General should look at the recidivism rate of the those released from Guantanamo.  Or look into the recent suicide bomb killing of CIA agents in Pakistan by a Muslim informant


Taliban must join security forces, says Brit general

Taliban fighters who reconcile with the Afghan government must be allowed to join the police or army, a senior British general has told The Sunday Telegraph.

By Ben Farmer in Kabul
Published: 7:00AM GMT 03 Jan 2010

Major General Richard Barrons backs the move despite concerns that militants might use it as an opportunity to infiltrate the security services.
In two separate incidents last week, a Taliban bomber wearing a military uniform and a suicide vest entered a base in Khost and blew himself up inside the gym, killing eight Americans thought to be CIA officers, and an Afghan soldier killed a member of the US forces and wounded two Italian soldiers when he opened fire at an army base in western Afghanistan. In November, a rogue Afghan policeman shot dead five British soldiers while serving alongside them.

Gen Barrons, who heads a newly-formed Nato unit seeking to reintegrate former insurgents, said he also expected to see Taliban commanders take senior positions within the President Hamid Karzai's administration in the future. He is hoping for "substantive delivery" in coaxing fighters to defect by late summer of this year.

He spoke as the coalition prepares to spend millions of pounds on jobs and training for Taliban footsoldiers if they agree to lay down their arms. The schemes is designed complement Barack Obama's 30,000-strong troop reinforcement surge, which begins in earnest in the New Year.