Friday, February 5, 2010

Know your enemy

A look into the almost unfathomable depravity of the Taliban.


Know your enemy

By Bill Roggio
 February 5, 2010 11:59 AM

The BBC has a chilling story of Meena, a young Pakistani girl from Dir whose father and brother are Taliban. The father and brother had recruited, trained, and deployed many suicide bombers, according to Meena. They tried to make her become a suicide bomber, too, and forced her 9-year-old younger sister to carry out a suicide bombing attack in Afghanistan. From the BBC: 

They attached a bomb to my sister Nahida. They tied rectangular pieces to both her arms, and a black strip was wrapped around both her legs.
Then they connected the whole thing. She told my brother the bomb was heavy and she could not walk. He said she would be comfortable once she was sitting down in the car.

They gave her medicine. But she was crying very loud for my mother. She kept going to her and hugging her. When my sister looked down at the bomb, she shivered.

Then my brother and my father started beating my mother, and they were shouting: "Why you are distracting the girl from her mission?"
I heard my sister saying: "Where is Meena? I want to see her." But I didn't have the strength. My heart couldn't take it.

My mother fainted when they put her in the car. My brother said my sister's attack was in Afghanistan.

Do read the whole thing. Then remember that Taliban like Meena's father and brother are the very people the Pakistani government has repeatedly negotiated with, and the same ones with whom the Afghan and Westerns governments seek to negotiate. Some would be quite happy to bring Mullah Omar into the fold of the government.