Monday, February 8, 2010

Prison Rot

Muslim Imams acting as prison chaplains has been a route for Islamic recruitment of radicals for many years. The examples given in this article are merely a small sampling of the problem.


Prison Rot
By Marilyn Penn   (bio)

On Easter Sunday in April, 1993, 450 prisoners, spurred on partially by Black/Muslim instigators, fomented a riot in the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility in Lucasville, Ohio.  Their demands included:  amnesty for the riot; the right to wear Muslim caps and attire; the provision of halal food; the cessation of integrated cells and the more general demands for better service, i.e. more phone calls and visitors.  At the end of the eleven day riot, after nine inmates had been beaten to death and one guard strangled by the rioters, the state of Ohio agreed to review prisoner complaints and institute appropriate changes.  It cost more to repair the $40 million dollars worth of damage to the prison than it had cost to build it.  Over the next decade, Ohio tripled its prison budget, built twelve new prisons, hired 900 more guards and  provided better medical and educational programs for its prisoners.

This comes to mind as the latest instance of a Muslim Imam involved in criminal activities surfaced this week in New York.  Iman Zulqarnain Abdu-Shahid, formerly known as Paul Pitts, was arrested for carrying metal blades and scissors into prison.  He had previously served a fourteen year sentence for the murder of a customer in a supermarket during the course of a robbery.  His boss, Imam Umar Abdul-Jalil had also served a lengthy term in prison for drug dealing prior to being hired by the Dept of Corrections in 1993 and promoted to Chief Chaplain from which pulpit he preached that “the greatest terrorists in the world occupy the White House.”  His predecessor, Warith Deen Umar (ne Wallace Gene Marks) was quoted as praising the 9/11 murderers, saying they should be honored as martyrs while condemning the US for oppressing Muslims throughout the world.  To his credit, Governor Pataki banned him from entering any New York state prison after those remarks but Umar had already been successful in hiring more than 40 other chaplains with the same mindset. 

Contrast Pataki’s actions with Mayor Bloomberg who, pleading freedom of speech,  refused to remove Abdul-Jalil from ministering to prisoners with the message that Mulims were being tortured in our city’s jails.  This is the same mayor who initially applauded the decision to hold the trial of KSM in lower Manhattan before reversing his opinion once the wind changed and public and political dissent continued to mount.

The Center for Security Policy in Washington has been monitoring the infiltration of US prisons by the Saudi financed radical Wahabi sect which trains chaplains in two Wahabi institutes in our country.  This is funded by the Natioinal Islamic Prison Foundation whose goal is the conversion of black prisoners to a radical Islamist agenda.  Estimates are that one in three black prisoners is Muslim, mostly converted while in jail. 

Eventually, the majority of these prisoners will be released to become walking time bombs for future terrorist activity against a society they have been indoctrinated to hate.  We may be following Ohio’s example by spending hundreds of millions of dollars on improving prison facilities but as long as we allow the dissemination of radical Islamist propaganda within those walls, we are insuring the creation of a homegrown, sociopathic and deadly fifth column in our midst.