Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Global Effort Only Way to Beat Terrorism

Dr. Phares flogs the obvious but someone has to point out the elephant in the room.


Global Effort Only Way to Beat Terrorism
Monday, 01 Mar 2010 08:21 AM

By: Walid Phares

The future will witness the expansion of various types of terror networks, including the social class warfare (Marxist) such as Maoism in Asia or neo Trotskyism in Latin America on the one hand and the many separatist terror networks such the PKK in Turkey, Chechen in Russia, southern Philippines, Xingian Ughiur or in Kashmirs in India on the other.

But beyond these forms of terror, the widest network projected to expand and threaten most democracies around the world is undoubtedly the jihadi global web indoctrinated by the Salafi ideology.

Other forms of jihadi terror groups, some supported by the Khomeini ideology are also expected to expand in the Middle East and beyond, depending on the political future of the regimes that support them, mainly in Iran. Hence what democracies in the West and Asia will continue to face off with, in the next two decades, are organizations and movements identifying themselves as jihadist (al Jihadiyyun).

Al-Qaida will continue to mutate and morph as well as the organizations that espouse the same ideology. We may even see new types of jihadi groups emerging.

Based on a totalitarian ideology and a universal agenda, the global jihadist threat targets democracies throughout the international community in an effort to establish what they coin as “Emirates” from the kind we witnessed under the Taliban before 2001 and the attempts we see in Iraq’s Sunni triangle, Somalia and in Waziristan.

These pockets are building blocks for the sought caliphate, the ultimate goal of all jihadi movements and organizations since the 1920s.The jihadist movements have been diverse and have adopted different international strategies as I have explained in my book “Future Jihad: Terrorist strategies against the West.”

One major feature of the jihadist Salafi movements is that they draw their principles from one universal ideology. Hence they are able to assist each other against dispersed and often divided foes. The jihadi terror forces were able to single out the United States, European democracies, Russia, India, Black Africa, China and many moderate Muslim countries.