Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Is it Muslim Rage or its Causes that Threatens Us

Here's a look at the root cause behind Western acceptance of Muslim violence and Jihad expansion.


Is it Muslim Rage or its Causes that Threatens Us       

Written by Daniel Greenfield  
Wednesday, 24 March 2010 06:07

The debate over how to handle Islamic terrorism essentially comes down to those who advocate managing Islam in order to control its propensity for violence, and those who believe that instead we should be managing anything and everything that might provoke Muslim rage.

While controlling violence by managing Islam is the logical and direct approach, the weight of the establishment in numerous countries has come down on the side of suppressing all things that might provoke Muslim rage. This disturbing position expresses itself in numerous ways, whether it was the censorship of the Mohammed cartoons, the ongoing attempt to blame Israel for attacks on US troops, or the entire grand theory of the left which blames all Muslim violence on the domestic and foreign policies of their targets.

Given the choice between blaming the criminal for his crimes, or his victims for having provoked him-- the political and cultural elites of the very countries targeted for terror have chosen to turn the blame inward. They have placed their sordid faith in the belief that the best way to manage Islamic rage, is by relentlessly appeasing and avoiding any provocations that might cause it to flare up.

This phenomenon is often seen in abuse victims who have to cope with their abuser's enraged violence. By accepting responsibility for being the cause of his anger, they make it seem controllable and predictable. Their coping mechanism is to blame themselves, rather than face the real problem, which is that they live together with a violent and dangerous individual, who will sooner or later kill them. This is the relationship between the West and Islam.

The victim accepts the abuser's narrative that he is a good and decent person, unless provoked. So too the civilized world accepts Islam's narrative that it is the Religion of Peace, and that it is peaceful, unless it is provoked. By accepting the enemy's narrative, the victim accepts the blame for his blows and assaults, and comes to feel that controlling the abuser's rage is their duty. So too the civilized world accepts that Islamic terrorism is its fault, and that it must "behave better" in order to avoid future blowups. Meanwhile the smallest requests of the Muslim world that it behave better are met with outrage and anger, much as the abuser explodes into a rage at any insinuation that he has an anger management problem.

By identifying with the abuser, victims take on a peculiar form of empowerment. By joining in their own abuse, they become the abuser, winning victories over their own helplessness. The growing identification by the West with Muslims can be viewed in that light. Today the civilized world is abusing itself, and after every lesson, it opens the door to usher in more Muslims to violate its cities, murder its citizens and work toward their Endlosung, their Final Solution for the free world, whether it is Al-Andalus, Eurabia, Palestine, Amerabia-- it is still death by any name.