Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thug jailed for kidnap and rape of his ‘bride’

Another child has been trafficked.  That is, bought and sold and raped.  While apologists will cry that it's a religious/cultural thing, I say trafficking and raping children has no place on earth.  Period. 

The article depicts the rapist as a "thug"  I say he's a Muslim following the example of the pedophile Mohammed.  thisd poor chils is just one of thousands who suffer the same fate every year.


Thug jailed for kidnap and rape of his ‘bride’
A thug who abducted a mother and forced her to marry him before raping her on their ‘wedding night’ has been jailed for at least ten years.

The Bangladeshi lured his victim to a bedsit, where he got a Muslim cleric to conduct the ceremony before male guests.

A wedding video showing the bride sobbing in a corner during the 3am service was shown to the court.

The man later repeatedly forced himself on the already-married 21-year-old and held her captive for two days last June.

The woman escaped from the flat in South Woodford, east London, by jumping from an upstairs window as her attacker lunged at her with a kitchen knife.

She suffered injuries that have left her disabled. ‘The defendant made it very clear he was going to marry her whether she wanted to or not,’ said Richard Hearnden, prosecuting at Snaresbrook Crown Court, east London. ‘It wasn’t a legal marriage but it was an Islamic marriage.’

In a statement, the victim told the court her injuries were a ‘constant reminder’ of her ordeal and she was also frightened east London’s Bangladeshi population would shun her, adding: ‘In the Asian culture, I will be ostracised... because they will not understand the full facts.’

Judge Alan Pardoe said the attacker, 46, posed a ‘significant risk of serious harm’ to women.

He added he was surprised anyone calling themselves an imam would have conducted the ‘disgraceful’ wedding ceremony.

The defendant claimed his victim was a ‘willing bride’. He said the woman jumped from the window in a suicide bid after rowing with her family.

The attacker, who cannot be named, was convicted of false imprisonment, two counts of rape, causing grievous bodily harm and actual bodily harm. He received an indeterminate prison sentence and was ordered the to serve at least ten years before being considered for release.

He was also ordered to pay his victim £90,000 compensation, pay £25,000 costs and sign the sex offenders’ register for life