Monday, June 7, 2010

How We Became the Proxies of Islam

Here's an accurate assessment of the history Islamic invasion of the free world and how is has taken place.  We have only ourselves to blame for the current state of affairs, and if we do not reverse the Muslim invasion now, it will be too late.


How We Became the Proxies of Islam

The Romans started out using barbarians in their armies, until eventually the barbarians became their emperors. So too the Ottoman Empire began by using non-Muslims as Janissaries in their armies, only to have them nearly take over. Similarly there was a time when we tried to use Muslim countries as proxies in our wars. Today Muslims use us as proxies in their wars.

There was a time when things seemed very clear and simple. Nuclear weapons and the memory of the devastation that WW2 had brought, made a direct war between the US and the USSR too prohibitive to be seriously considered. So instead we used proxies to fight our wars for us. We needed to protect our oil supply, which meant that both the US and the USSR tried to form alliances with Muslim countries in the Middle East. But then the Soviet Union fell, and in that same year, US forces found themselves engaged as proxies in a war between Saddam Hussein and the Saudi Royal Family.

Of course we were protecting our oil supply, but who were we protecting it from? Russia was backing our actions. China was not involved. Instead we were fighting for one Muslim power against another. And what we were actually doing was the same thing that Westerners had been doing for a while. Serving as Janissaries, non-Muslim troops for the Saudi Royal Family. To provide some perspective on this, in 1979 when Islamists connected to Bin Laden seized the Grand Mosque in Mecca, the Saudi Royal Family imported French Commandos, had them convert to Islam, and then storm the mosque. In the last two decades, Bin Laden didn't try a doomed mosque takeover, instead he carried on a war against America and Europe. And once again we found ourselves fighting a proxy war for the Saudi Royal Family.

This was hardly the first time that Muslim terrorists had attacked Westerners in order to force them to do their dirty work for them. The PLO had made that the linchpin of their strategy, hijacking airplanes and setting off bombs, in order to force Europe and America to pressure Israel into giving them a state. And what's more is that the strategy worked. By now, it has become routine for Islamist groups to target foreigners, whether it is Australians in Bali or Israeli tourists in Egypt or American tourists in Israel or French tourists in Mauritania. The pattern is the same. The wannabe Bin Ladens murder Westerners, knowing that their governments will eventually get around to helping them achieve their goals either through diplomatic pressure, or another proxy war that will rally other Muslims to their side.

And how it got this way is very simple. The balance of power shifted, just as it did in the Roman Empire, and the rulers became the ruled. It didn't happen through overwhelming force. It happened because we let it. It happened because our politicians were too cowardly to stand up to medieval tribal leaders in burnooses, until a generation later, those same tribal leaders now controlled their entire economy. And immigration plus demographics adds the second potent threat of a voting base that doesn't mind torching cars when they don't get their way, or even when they do. This is the game we've been playing, or rather the game that's been playing us.