Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Pakistan hospital stormed in deadly attack on mosque survivors

You can just feel the love, compassion and humanity flowing from these Muslim terrorists as they open fire in a hospital and murder even more innocents, all in the name of Islam, of course...


Pakistan hospital stormed in deadly attack on mosque survivors

Gunmen stormed a Pakistani hospital where doctors were treating the victims of an earlier suicide attack on Monday, killing at least six people in an attempt to free a militant being treated there, officials said.

By Farzana Fiaz in Lahore and Rob Crilly

Published: 12:05AM BST 01 Jun 2010

The assault came three days after two teams of Islamist extremists armed with guns, grenades and suicide vests killed more than 80 worshipers belonging to a minority Muslim sect.

One of the captured militants and about 30 survivors of the Friday attack were being treated at Jinnah Hospital in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore.

Witnesses said visitors, hospital staff and security guards were killed when at least three gunmen dressed in police uniforms opened fire shortly before midnight.

"They barged into the hospital building and opened indiscriminate fire," said Javed Ikram, chief executive of the hospital.

Armoured police vehicles raced to the scene as one militant climbed on to the roof and began shooting at officers.

The attackers later fled in a police vehicle without rescuing the injured gunman.

One witness said he counted four dead police.

Pakistan is under strong pressure from the US to tackle terrorist havens in the tribal belt along the border with Afghanistan.

Lahore has suffered a string of deadly attacks in the past year by militants who have declared war on both the government and minority Muslim groups.

Friday's attacks on two mosques targeted members of the Ahmadi sect, who are routinely persecuted by mainstream Muslims for their belief that their founder was a prophet.

Seven gunmen attacked the prayer halls. At least three died detonating suicide vests.

Police believe the attackers were part of the Pakistani Taliban and trained in the North Waziristan tribal region.