Thursday, July 29, 2010

Banned by the Government = Business as usual:

More unopposed hate speech and calls for violence and the overthrow of the British people by Muslims.  The video is stamped with eh flag of The Islamic State of Iraq, (above) a violent umbrella terrorist group sponsored by Iran.

When will Britain defend itself against the influx of violent, fanatical Muslims bent on the destruction of the British people?


July 28th, 2010 | Author: Un:dhimmi

Banned by the Government = Business as usual:

It appears that ‘Muslims Against Crusades’, Anjem Choudary’s terror-supporting band of beards (reconstituted from the banned Al-Muhajiroun); are once again spewing their hatred onto the streets of London.

The video, styled to resemble the Jihadist ‘war-porn’ propaganda videos of executions and bombings against westerners in Afghanistan and Iraq, shows the group – known for their distasteful protests at British soliders’ homecoming parades – outside the British Prime Minster’s residence in Downing Street protesting against British and US foreign policy, using the recent Wikileaks revelations about the fight against terrorism in Afghanistan as cover. But they don’t stop there.

The chants contain clear incitements and threats: “UK, Watch your back – Salahudeen is Coming back”, (referring the the so-called ‘liberator of al-Quds [Jerusalem], Salahudeen Ayyubi), and implying violent reprisals. They further warn of ‘new 7/7s, new 9/11s” if the infidels do not immediately withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq.

They also make the usual call for Sharia Law in the UK.

But it’s what they don’t realise they are doing that’s far more interesting – and ultimately, cause for optimism. Their thuggish intolerance, ranting and calls for the barbaric, violent doctrine of Sharia to be implemented in the UK only serves to highlight the vast superiority of the free world’s own systems of democracy, liberty, equality and free speech – which allow them to behave like this the first place.

(the video might also provide some useful intelligence to the Department for Work and Pensions as to the availability for work of our ‘devout’ friends – a good number of whom will inevitably be claiming state benefits)

Keep on ranting, chaps.

UK Islamist Thugs Threaten ‘New 7/7, New 9/11? Outside Downing Street