Saturday, July 10, 2010

Makkah prisoner loses eyesight after flogging

Makkah (Mecca) the holiest city in Islam is the scene of more barbarity in the name of the religion of peace.  Followers of the religion of peace flog a man in a wheelchair.
Makkah prisoner loses eyesight after flogging


Published: Jul 9, 2010 23:11 Updated: Jul 9, 2010 23:11

MAKKAH: A prisoner at a Makkah reformatory allegedly lost his eyesight after he was whipped before being medically examined, his younger brother told Arab News on Friday.

"My eldest brother was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure. He had suffered from a stroke and was whipped while sitting on his wheelchair. While being whipped, he became blind," Ali Muhammad alleged.

Muhammad said his brother was sentenced about eight months ago on charges of fraud and ordered to serve a six-month prison sentence, in addition to 150 lashes, to be applied on three separate occasions.

"Before he started his jail term, my brother was suffering from diabetes, hypertension and heart problems. He prepared an official medical report about his health condition and sent it to the Makkah Governorate in the hope the authorities would waive his punishment," Muhammad said.

He said the governorate asked the prisons department to refer the prisoner to a hospital in Makkah to help decide if his sentence should be waived.

"The prisons department did not send my brother to any hospital. While in prison he had a stroke which paralyzed him from the left side," he added.

"When he was about to complete his jail term, he was whipped before being seen by the prison doctor. Before the whipping was completed, he cried that he could not see. He had lost his eyesight."

Muhammad said his mother complained to the National Society for Human Rights (NSHR) in Makkah, asking it to investigate the incident.

The society asked one of its members, Islamic Shariah professor Muhammad Al-Suhali, to look into the case.

Al-Suhali said he met with the director of Makkah prisons, Col. Muhammad bin Shahlool, who promised to cooperate fully with the NSHR.

"It was clear to me from the testimonies of other inmates that the prisoner was whipped while on his wheelchair and that the beating was focused on his neck, the only visible part of his body," Al-Suhali said.