Thursday, August 5, 2010

Sudan sentences 19 men for wearing women's clothes

Hello Gay community,  here's what lies in store for you and much worse, if Islam takes hold in the West.  Where are the Gay protests against the Mosque at Ground Zero in New York?  Where are the Gay protests against the murder of Gays in Iran?

For those who believe that "westernized" Islam is no threat, bear in mind that radical Islam has been taking over in those few moderate Islamic majority countries, Malaysia and Indonesia.  In the long run, radical Islam will stamp out moderate Islam.  The radicals have the Koran on their side and are quite willing to use terror and murder to impost their radical, fanatical version on all of humanity. 


Sudan sentences 19 men for wearing women's clothes
Wed Aug 4, 2010 11:50am GMT

KHARTOUM Aug 4 (Reuters) - A Sudanese court on Wednesday sentenced 19 young Muslim men to 30 lashes and a fine for breaking moral codes by wearing women's clothes and makeup, a case exposing Sudanese sensitivity towards homosexuality.

Many of the defendants tried to hide their faces from the around 200 people who watched as they were lashed straight after their sentencing. The men had no lawyers present and said nothing in their own defence.

The trial judge said police had raided a party thrown by the 19 men and found them dancing "in a womanly fashion," wearing women's clothes and makeup. He said there was a video of the party and that one woman who was present had fled the scene.

The defendants were charged with violating Sudan's public morality codes.

Local newspapers reported that the party was held to celebrate a same-sex wedding, propelling it into a talking point all over Khartoum's conservative Muslim society. The court on Wednesday made no mention of a marriage ceremony.

One lawyer present, who declined to be named, said legal advocates would have been afraid to take on such a defence.