Monday, August 2, 2010

Who are the Gazans? Who are the Westbankers?

Who are the Gazans?  Who are the Westbankers?

They are the descendants born in Gaza or the West Bank to those who chose to leave Israel during the 1948 Arab attacks against Israel.  It's about time that the world recognizes that the people born in Gaza and the West Bank are not refugees, but citizens of their respective areas.  The endless generations of "refugees" needs to come to an end and those people need to be recognized for who they really are.

As it stands now, there are two distinct political groups of Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza.  None of their Arab Muslim brethren want to allow them into their countries (mainly Egypt, Syria and Jordan).  So what to do with them.  Perhaps the solution is for the UN to unilaterally declare the independent countries of Gaza and the West Bank and make the people there responsible for their own care and welfare. 

By declaring Hamas and Fattah to be independent governments of independent countries, it would allow the world at large to hold them responsible for actions.  It would remove them from victim hood status and force them to enter the world at large or suffer the consequences.

By declaring them free and independent states, it would remove the excuse of endless billions of dollars in aid being thrown down a black hole.  It would give the people a sense of identity and reason to stand on their own feet.  It would give them the pride of belonging to a recognized nation and give them status to trade with and be a member of the international community.

And in the end, it might just mitigate the hatred of the Jews enough to allow a true peaceful coexistence.