Thursday, April 7, 2011

Christian evangelist faces death penalty in Saudi Arabia

Our great friends and allies the Saudis continue to operate in the 7th century barbarism of Islam.  Insult Islam: Off With Their Head, Share another religion with a Muslim: Off With Their Head, touch a Koran with a filthy kuffar hand: Off With Their Head. 

Off With Their Head is the all purpose solution to whatever Islam finds offensive. 


Published:  Monday 04 April 2011

Christian evangelist faces death penalty in Saudi Arabia

An Eritrean Christian is facing the death penalty in Saudi Arabia after being arrested for sharing his faith with Muslims.

Mussie Eyob was detained by the authorities at a mosque in Saudi's second largest city, Jeddah, on 12 February. He had gone there to meet and talk with local Muslims after speaking about Christianity at the Eritrean Embassy for three days. Eyob was arrested for preaching to Muslims, an offence that carries the death penalty in Saudi Arabia.

Eyob, who was initially assumed to have mental health problems, was examined by doctors, who confirmed that he is fit for trial and sentencing. He was then transferred to the notorious high-security Briman Prison. His family are very concerned for his welfare there.

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