Friday, April 29, 2011

Iranian native claims bridge harassment

Get rich quick scheme?  Waging Jihad by creating a lawfare case?  Both?  Hard to tell but this woman must have known she would be asked to verbally verify her American citizenship because she has crossed the border several times in the past. 

[Since moving to Amherst from New York City about eight years ago, she said, her car has been searched at local bridges "at least five or six times ... sometimes by police dogs."]


Iranian native claims bridge harassment

Customs investigating Amherst driver's claim

By Dan Herbeck

News Staff Reporter

Published:April 29, 2011, 12:29 AM

Updated: April 29, 2011, 1:42 AM

Sherri Arbabzadeh, of Amherst, was entering the United States at the Rainbow Bridge in Niagara Falls last month when she handed the customs officer her passport.

He asked her what her citizenship was.

"Why are you asking me my citizenship when it's right there on my American passport?'" she responded.

From that point on, the 51-year-old naturalized U.S. citizen claims, she was harassed, searched and handcuffed.

Now federal officials are investigating the complaint of the Muslim-American businesswoman that she was mistreated.

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