Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Muslim group claims royal wedding is legitimate terror target

An insight into just how brazen the Muslim street has become in Britain.  There is a fraction of Muslims in Britain that believe the Royal wedding on the 29th is a legitimate target for terrorism.  They are warning Muslims to stay away and not to ride public transportation during the wedding ceremony. 

A  Muslim summed up the prevailing attitude of Muslim entitlement and superiority thusly:

"You paid for this camera, you pay for my benefits, you're basically my slave."

And he's right.  The British government has become the Dhimmi to Islam.  Only an uprising by the British man in the street can overcome this combination of Muslim invasion and government cowardice.


Muslim group claims royal wedding is legitimate terror target

The royal wedding is a “legitimate target” for a terrorist attack because of Britain’s foreign policy and the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, a radical Islamic group has claimed.

By Victoria Ward  1:57PM BST 27 Apr 2011

Muslims Against Crusades, which had its application to protest on Friday turned down by police, yesterday urged Muslims to stay away from central London when Prince William marries Kate Middleton and to avoid all means of public transport due to the heightened risk of an attack.

Assad Ullah, leader of the extremist campaign group, insisted that it had no “inside knowledge” but was simply repeating security fears that have already been widely reported.

“There is a legitimate Islam opinion that those who have been attacked have the right to retaliate,” he said.

“British foreign policy is causing this kind of feeling and increasing the instability in this country. We do not advocate violence but can see how they made themselves a legitimate target for others.”

Announcing that the group had abandoned its plans to protest against the wedding, group spokesman Abu Abbas said: “We urge all Muslims to stay away from the royal wedding, not only because of the drinking, drug taking and sexual promiscuity but because of the likelihood of an attack by the Mujahideen.

 "We urge all Muslims to stay away from public places and all public transport, trains, buses and tubes around central London.”

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