Monday, April 4, 2011

Salafi group in Alexandria pledges to implement Islamic Sharia

Well, it hasn’t taken long for the rats to come out of the sewers.  What we're seeing here is the first chapter of what will become a bloody power struggle amongst the various factions in Egypt to take control of the government.  But no matter which group comes out on top, the world will be poorer for it as it will make Egypt another Salafist stronghold. The people most immediately in danger will be the Copts who make up about 10% of the population.  They have suffered murder, discrimination and repression under the so called secular regime of Mubaric.  Once the country comes under the control of true, pious Muslims, the Copts will be crushed, exterminated and driven from their homeland.


Salafi group in Alexandria pledges to implement Islamic Sharia

The Salafi group in Alexandria said it is seeking to implement Islamic Sharia law no matter how difficult the task.

During a conference held at Amr Ibn al-Aas mosque in Giza on Friday, several of the group's leaders called on non-Muslims to accept the rule of Islam which it argues provides sufficient protection for them.

Salafi leaders also said they are holding their conference to respond to “media attacks” and “the lies of liberalism” and general “anti-Islamic” sentiment.

Saeed Abdel Azeem, a Salafi leader, said that some people are waging a fierce campaign against the Salafi movement even though the group shuns violence. This began shortly after the results of the recent referendum on constitutional amendments were announced, he said, adding that the media, Mohamed ElBaradei, Amr Moussa and liberal parties consider themselves allied together against Islamists.

"But no matter how strongly it is attacked, Salafism is continuously advancing, and this attack won’t affect it," he said.

Ahmed Farid, another Salafi leader, said liberal and secular attacks have become increasingly ferocious, even though Salafism represents the correct understanding of Islam, and the attackers are actually harming themselves.

He said some claim that Salafis are more dangerous than Jews.

"We want Islamic law to be implemented, and will not accept anything short of that, so as to avoid a reversion to the pre-Islamic age," he concluded.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.