Saturday, April 9, 2011

Three Churches Attacked, Egyptian Military Sides With Radical Muslims

Well, the Egyptian revolution for "democracy" certainly hasn’t slowed Egyptian Muslim attacks on the Copts.  It's business as usual and it will only get worse when the Muslim Brotherhood assumes a part of or control of, whatever type of government replaces Mubaracks' dictatorship.  Whatever evolves will certainly use the Koran and Sahria law as its basis.  

Three Churches Attacked, Egyptian Military Sides With Radical Muslims


Posted GMT 4-9-2011 4:5:57
(AINA) -- In the last two weeks three attacks on churches were undertaken by Salafis or Islamic Fundamentalists in Egypt. The Salafis demanded churches move to locations outside communities and be forbidden from making repairs, "even if they are so dilapidated that the roofs will collapse over the heads of the congregation," says Father Estephanos Shehata of Samalut Coptic Diocese.

The latest of these incidents took place in the village of Kamadeer, in Samalout, Minya province on April 5, which escalated to the point where it was feared the church would be torched and demolished, as was done in the case of St. George and St. Mina Church in village of Soul, Atfif, on March 5 (AINA 3-5-2011). For three days Muslims occupied the entrance to St. John the Beloved Church in the village of Kamadeer with their mats, praying and sleeping there while thousands of village Copts staged a sit-in for three continuous days in front of the Minya governorate building, vowing not to leave until they got their church back. "Even if it takes one year, we will still be here," said Fr. Youssab in the rally. The Coptic demonstrators demanded the reopening of their church and prosecution of the squatters (video of Coptic sit-in).

When the priest arrived at St. John the Beloved church on April 5 he found hundreds of Salafis, who told him and the parishioners that arrived for mass they are "not allowed" to pray at this church any longer.

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