Monday, May 2, 2011

Bin Laden and the Big Picture

Here's a good analysis of the danger of believing that with the death of bin Laden, that Islam's war on Western civilization is over.  The administrations of many Western governments will use bin Laden's death as a reason to curtail the fight against Islamic radicals.  Since Western governments have been reluctant to see the Islamic invasion led by the Muslim Brotherhood this is a welcome excuse for them to back off on the defense of the West.

Bin Laden and the Big Picture

Gd bless our troops. Obama can puff himself and shamelessly strut like peacock, but hats off to the US military that has been relentless, dogged and brave for ten years in their mission to kill that devout bastard.

Here is the perspective of a military man and one of the most clear-eyed rational Americans. Observations from LTC (ret) Joseph Myers:

    I will repeat myself  and add that UBL was in an area that was or should have been well within PAK Army and ISI knowledge…he was in no cave and I never thought he was.
    My concern is that we are not being played, as we have been in my view repeatedly over there, in that Pakistan coughs up UBL with the hope we declare victory and go home…meanwhile our Islamic jihad problem remains vibrant in Pakistan and across the world  as I noted below:
    Many of us already recognize that the Muslim Brotherhood is the more insidious threat than AQ….they are advising our senior leaders and have access to all levels of our government and national security apparatus.
    …Good news and long overdue, but not the answer to our Islamic jihad problem.
    It is here, it is clear to those who want to see it unlike our Department of Justice that has scuttled terror prosecutions in many areas and our government that has given citizenship to some who have completed sentences for terrorism.
    Ironically, in many ways America is a large center of Islamic terror financing and training and preparation...our struggle continues and I hope this event does not confuse or dilute our counterterrorism efforts more they have been unfortunately confused to date in so many examples at home.
    But there can be no doubt the special operations forces that did kill and capture the body of UBL conducted an extraordinary operation.

    My broad concern is that every time Al Qaeda is offered up, it is another torch passed to the Muslim Brotherhood.
    ….it is the Brotherhood that has accomplished more for the advancement  of Islamic jihad and Islam politically than anything  AQ has done, who in their military efforts have killed more Muslims than non-Muslims.
    And current history is validating the Muslim Brotherhood methodology….patience, perseverance, stealth, subversion and political activism, mobilization and access.
    This is a historic moment yet one that has great potential for us lose the bubble in the war on terror, which as I have noted endlessly..we still do not strategically understand the threat.