Saturday, May 14, 2011

Man injured in bomb blast suspected of terrorism ties

Another day, another home grown jihadi in America.  It's impossible to know just how many festering terrorists are out there just waiting for the right excuse to go jihad and kill some infidels.  We do know however that the prison systems and Saudi financed mosques are breeding grounds for Islamic terrorism. 

If Muslim prisoners were incarcerated by themselves, without contact with other prisoners, a lot of Muslim radicalization could be avoided.  That however is impossible with the multi-culti, politically correct leadership and useful idiots weeping over the poor downtrodden, misunderstood Islamic terrorists.

What to do about the mosques is a tougher problem.  They are distribution centers for radical literature and the home bases for radical Saudi trained Imams.  Until Islam is recognized as a political ideology dedicated to the overthrow of Western civilization, rather than a religion, it's going to be impossible to shut them down.


Washington State: Convert to Islam injured in bomb accident, charged with attempting to aid Islamic jihadists

Yes, here is yet another convert to Islam who misunderstood his new, peaceful religion right here in the United States. Yet no Muslim group anywhere in the country has instituted any program, nor given any attention whatsoever to the problem of making sure converts understand their new religion correctly. Now, why is that?

"Man injured in bomb blast suspected of terrorism ties," by Mike Carter for the Seattle Times,
May 13 (thanks to Daniel):

    Federal prosecutors in Spokane are looking into charging an Asotin County man, who was critically injured in a bomb accident last year, with attempting to aid Islamic terrorists.

    Joseph Jeffrey Brice, 21, is accused of creating a jihadi website and using it to post bomb-making tips and videos, according to federal sources and documents filed in U.S. District Court in Spokane.

    Members of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force executed several search warrants last week on homes and cars owned or associated with Brice, of Clarkston, who earlier this week was indicted by a Spokane grand jury for manufacturing a powerful improvised explosive device (IED) whose premature detonation nearly killed him in April 2010.

    The warrants allege Brice set up a YouTube channel under the pseudonym "StrengthofAllah" and posted videos of explosions and jihad-related content.

    Some of the videos, according to the FBI, were embedded with the Islamic logo of al-Qaida of Iraq. Bomb experts determined two of the videos of explosives were filmed near where Brice's injuries occurred along Highway 193 in Whitman County, according to the warrants.

    A federal law-enforcement source familiar with the investigation said prosecutors are using information gathered with the warrants to determine whether to charge Brice with manufacturing a weapon of mass destruction and rendering material support to terrorists. A number of individuals who appear interested in jihad, including some within the U.S., accessed the site, according to the warrant.

    Brice also allegedly planned through email with an unidentified man to rob a Zions First National Bank in Lewiston, Idaho, possibly using a bomb left on nearby school grounds to distract police. The plan was never put into motion.

Zions First. I wonder how he picked that one.

    Agents also found links to an English-language magazine sponsored by al-Qaida. They discovered videos Brice posted to a forum depicting suicide bombings in Pakistan, and also links he accessed to an English-language jihadi-linked site that contains instructions on how to make explosives, according to the search warrants...