Monday, May 16, 2011

Some Thoughts on Islam.

The thing about Islam is, if you give it anything, you have given it everything.

In a nutshell, Islam hates everything.

Islamism, Liberalism and Political Correctness  are the three great dangers to Western civilization.

There's no dhimmi like a PC dhimmi.

Communism has it's useful idiots, Islam has its useful dhimmis.  Some folks are are both.  Fortunately, most folks are free men.

You can take the Muslim out of the Ummah, but you can't take Islam out of the Muslim.

Through the use of violence and terror, an illiterate desert trader was able to inflict on those around him his pathological psychosis and murderous nature.  His cancerous influence has exploited and cultivated the worst in human nature and that influence is codified in the Qur'an.  

That there are over a billion Muslims shows just how close to the surface the basest instincts of human nature really are.

That a large number of Muslims actually pray five times per day and observe many complex religious rites illustrates the power of Islam over its members.  In that sense it can be called the most successful cult ever.

At what point will there be an Islamic uprising on a global scale?

When the jihad hits the streets, where will you be?

Good Cop:Bad Cop = Moderate Muslim:Terrorist Muslim.

Islam is a Theocratic Dictatorship

Muslim killing Muslim is Islam's greatest weakness.

So Goes Israel, So Goes The West

Has anyone thought that women who convert to Islam have the same psychological makeup as women who choose live in abusive relationships?

There's a consensus of opinion among the PC elite of the world that the Moderate Muslims in Western society pose no threat.  But when the Jihad hits the street, when violent Islamists finally touch off open warfare between Islam and the West, every Muslim will have to make a choice: stand with their fellow Muslims, or betray their religion.  Which choice do you think most Muslims will take?

So far the only thing keeping the Islamic Ummah and the secular West from clashing in all out warfare is the disarray on both sides.  The ultimate victory will go the side that can first put away their petty differences and consolidate their power.  This is in theory should be easier for the West as their differences are not rooted in the fanatical, throat-slitting theological bickering of Islam.  However, the power of Political Correctness nullifies many opportunities for the various factions in the West from working with each other.  So right now, it looks like a crap shoot to me with a 50/50 chance to go either way.

The more I learn about Islam the more I am appalled that tens of millions of human beings could actively participate in terroristic attacks on non-Muslims.  I am outraged that hundreds of millions of Muslims can support the Muslims who actually carry out terror attacks.  I am saddened that almost all of the balance of one and one half billion Muslims can stand by silently while the "extremist" Muslims terrorize the world.

The Muslim man, that superior being among all beings, created by Allah himself, seems not to be able to control the urge to rape any woman he comes across in a secluded place.  This perfect reflection of Allah can't keep it in his pants without building up a rage against women.

In Islam, all Muslims are slaves, women doubly so.

The Islamic invasion of the West is similar to an invasive, non-native species being transplanted half way around the world to a new environment.  The recipient has no natural defenses and in fact may actually welcome the invader.  Only when it is too late will it become evident that the invader has indeed taken over.

Israel accepting a "two state" solution is the functional equivalent of marching off to the ovens.  And today, as in 1938, many if not most Israeli Jews will stand by idly "hoping" things aren't really that bad.

The sexual suppression of women in Islam is key and crucial because through sexual domination, all other normal human activity is also suppressed and controlled.  Each Muslim sect has it's own peculiar means of suppressing women.  Some more outwardly obvious than others.  But all rely on the Qur'an and Mohammed's psychopathic contempt and mistreatment of women.

Lets say that even if moderate, political Muslims somehow impose a "moderate" Sharia on America, there are always radical, fanatical Islamists on a mission from God who will try to take over from the moderates.  And at that point, the Muslim infighting can only be bad for the new dhimmis who will be caught in the crossfire.  Such persecution and murder of Christians and Hindus are taking place da8ily in Pakistan and Afghanistan as Islamic factions fight each other.

Communism, Islamism and Obama:
Communism, and Islamism, much like cancer, metastasize throughout it's host, a little here, a little there,  till it overwhelms it's host from within.  Communism never went away with the demise of the good ol' USSR, it just regrouped and expanded.  The same can be said of Islam in that it is regrouping from the loss of the Ottoman empire and is attacking the West again.  Communism and Islam now have many individuals and groups established within the infrastructure of Western governments and society.

In the person of Barack Barry Soetoro Hussein Obama, we have a blend of Islam and Communism.

What we are seeing is but a bit of foam being flung off the top of the Islamic tsunami of global Jihad.

The world is irrevocably divided between the Free World and Islam.

Islam is the world's largest fraternal organization.

It's long past time to isolate and contain and defeat the Islamic world similar to the way the Soviet empire was dealt with.

It's long past time to stop believing that Islam can co-exist in Western societies.

It's long past time to refrain from forceful responses to Islamic aggression.

It's long past time to stop Islamic immigration into the West.

Every excuse that's made for Islamic barbarity only encourages more barbarity.

Islam is constricting the West like a boa constrictor.  Every time the West relaxes to take a breath, Islam squeezes harder.