Friday, May 20, 2011

Terror case: Faithful imams? Or Taliban financiers?

The family that prays together, stays together.  In this case, an Imam father, two of his sons, his daughter and grandson teamed up to fund the Taliban from a south Florida Mosque. These pious Muslims were following the edict of the Quran to fight the unbelievers and further the spread of Islam over all of humanity.

This case is another illustration of just how deeply embedded Islamic fundamentalists/terrorists have insinuated themselves into America.

"But the terrorism conspiracy indictment, filed May 12 in Miami federal court, portrays Hafiz Khan as a talkative Muslim spiritual leader who solicited thousands of dollars from donors in the United States, directed family members to help disburse them and openly discussed deadly plots against foes who disagreed with strict Islamic law, or Sharia."

"The elderly cleric was so outspoken on Feb. 7, 2010, according to the indictment, that the person on the other end of the line warned him to be more discreet over the phone “… or else the Taliban would be doomed."


Terror case: Faithful imams? Or Taliban financiers?

Though cut from a different cloth, father and son shared a calling and reputations as quiet, unassuming Islamic clerics in South Florida — a stark contrast to the militant images painted in a federal terrorism-support indictment.


To his mostly Spanish-speaking neighbors, the wizened, white-whiskered man shuffling daily between a humble Miami mosque and humbler apartment across the street, was a curiosity. “ El viejito barbon,” one woman called him. The little old bearded man.

Even in the mosque where he led prayers five times a day for more than a decade, he was a quaint figure. Some youngsters, oblivious to religious sensibilities, dubbed him “the Santa Claus imam.’’ Adults revered his religious acumen and gentle manner, but he seemed to live a world apart from most fellow Muslims, isolated from all but the few who spoke the Urdu, Pashto or Arabic of his native northern Pakistan.

A federal indictment unsealed Saturday paints a different portrait of Hafiz Muhammad Sher Ali Khan.

Prosecutors branded the 76-year-old – who looked doddering in federal court this week – as ringleader of a family-run conspiracy to funnel money to arm the Pakistani Taliban, a U.S.-designated terror organization, and describe him advocating the killing of Pakistani leaders and Americans.

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