Friday, May 27, 2011

The Truth about Islam and Book-Burning

Here's a history if the 1400 years of Islam’s book burning and destruction of non-Islamic religious and cultural artifacts the apologists for Islam never want you to know.  The recent occasional burning or destruction of a Koran for political reasons has no comparison to the methodical and thorough elimination of non-Islamic thought wherever Islam has spread.


May 25, 2011

The Truth about Islam and Book-Burning
By Ashraf Ramelah

The burning of books is an uncivil and distasteful act no matter where and under what circumstances. The senseless destruction of Egypt's precious ancient archives and historic texts in the Alexandria Library was one of these barbaric acts. Arab-Muslims committed this atrocity in and around the year 685 A.D., immediately after their invasion of Egypt. Many centuries' worth of pre-Islamic Egyptian and Coptic information was eradicated, leaving great gaps in history and causing many unanswered questions concerning Coptic links to Egypt's past.

Historically, Muslims have been guilty of horrendous sacrilege -- destroying priceless and irreplaceable sacred texts, places of worship, and revered icons of religions and cultures (including their own). In the year 1197, Muslims sacked the Nalanda Monastic University, the ancient center of higher learning in India. The multi-story building burned for three months when they set fire to it, presumably for the great library's lacking a copy of the Quran.

Ten years ago in early 2001, Muslims destroyed ancient Buddha statues in the Bamiyan region of Afghanistan -- an act which erased more than a thousand years of cultural heritage. On April 20, 2011, just a few months after Pastor Terry Jones announced his intention to burn a single copy of the Quran in Florida, an Arabic-language broadcast on Shia TV showed a video of three mosques and Qurans set ablaze by Muslims in Bahrain. The Muslim world never condemned these actions.

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