Monday, June 13, 2011

Letter To Congress: Islamic Radicals? Or Fundamentalists?

A number of quotes, straight from the horse's mouth as it were.  Numerous statements from Imams asociated with some of the most prominat mosques in America, and from influential Muslim leaders stating each in his own way that Islam will replace democracy in America.   


Letter To Congress: Islamic Radicals? Or Fundamentalists?
by D. C. Watson

Office of the Honorable Peter King, United States Congressman, 3rd Congressional District (New York)
Fax: 202-226-2279
June 12, 2011

Re: Scheduled hearings on “Radicalization” of Muslims in America

Dear Congressman King,

On June 20th, 2010 a letter was written to Congress concerning the widely unpopular idea of constructing a mosque in the shadow of the Ground Zero site in New York (a plan that thoughtful Muslims have also rejected). Contained in that letter were quotes from several Islamic religious leaders (Imams) in America:

Imam Amir-Abdel Malik-Ali
Masjid Al Islam mosque, Oakland, CA

"We must implement Islam as a totality (in which) Allah controls every place... the home, the classroom, the science lab, the halls of Congress."
Imam Abdul Alim Musa
Al Masjid mosque, Washington, D.C.

"If you don't give us justice. If you don't give us equality. If you don't give us our share of America. If you don't stay out of our way and leave us alone, we're gonna burn America down."
Imam Muhammad Al-Asi
Former Imam at the Washington, D.C. Islamic Center

"Now, all our imams, our public speakers, should be concentrating on militarizing the Muslim public ... Only carrying arms will do this task."
Imam Omar Shahin
Tucson, Arizona Islamic Center; President, North American Imams Federation; spokesman for the six 'Flying Imams'

"A Muslim must try his best to abide by the rulings of Sharia (Islamic law) whenever possible as much as he can. He should not allow himself to be liable to those western laws that contradict the clear-cut Islamic rulings."
Imam Siraj Wahhaj
Masjid Al-Taqwa mosque. Brooklyn, N.Y

"In time, this so-called democracy will crumble, and there will be nothing. And the only thing left will be Islam."
Imam Zaid Shakir
Former Muslim Chaplain at Yale University

"Muslims cannot accept the legitimacy of the existing American order, since it is against the orders and ordainments of Allah."
Imam Feisel Abdul Rauf:

"I do not believe in religious dialogue."

A copy of this letter can be accessed here.

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