Saturday, June 11, 2011

Prominent Muslim "American" Businesses Celebrate "Legacy" of Khomeini

File this under Enemy Within.  Debbie Schlussel delves into the cancerous-like growth of Islam into American society.  The spread of Islam must be stopped now.  The longer it is allowed to metastasize, the deeper it's roots will be entwined into America.


June 9, 2011, - 3:00 pm
Prominent Muslim "American" Businesses Celebrate "Legacy" of Khomeini

By Debbie Schlussel

On Monday, I told you about the large group of “moderate,” “American” Muslims who celebrated, honored, and memorialized the late Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, the founder of Hezbollah and the man who sent his Iranian henchmen to take over the U.S. Embassy in Tehran and hold Americans hostage for 444 days.  I showed you the video on which these Muslims praised Khomeini for, among other things, “bringing America to its knees.”  Yup, as I’ve been saying repeatedly for more than a decade, this is how the so-called “moderate,” “loyal,” “American” Muslims really feel, and now they are feeling brave enough to say it openly–that they hate this country and praise those who would destroy it.  But this isn’t just in Washington, DC, at the Iranian Interests Section of the Pakistani Embassy, where the ceremony took place over the weekend.

In Dearbornistan, thousands of Shi’ite Muslims also celebrated Khomeini–the man bent on America’s destruction.  They had a huge banquet, prayer service, and even made their kids learn about the guy’s life and compete in a Khomeini quiz competition.  The event was called, “Khomeini:  A Legacy of Revolution, 22nd Anniversary of Demise.”  (By the way, part of that “Legacy of Revolution” was taking Americans hostage for more than a year.  Over the weekend, the team in Dearbornistan found the posters for this event, above, posted prominently in a number of large, successful, Shi’ite Muslim-owned businesses in Dearbornistan.  Again, celebrating this founder of an Islamic terrorist group who took Americans hostage for more than a year–that’s the true ethos of “American” Muslims, who are really just Muslims who happen to be in America.  It’s a place on a map for them, not a place they love or with which they identify.  Note that this took place at a large, prominent mosque, the Islamic Institute of Knowledge

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