Sunday, June 5, 2011

Protesters demand Sharia Law implementation, tourism that respects Islam

And so it begins.  The Arab Spring in Egypt is stampeding toward Sharia rather than democracy.  This is no surprise however as a Muslim majority country given the opportunity will always move toward Sharia.  The Muslim Brotherhood is of course behind these calls for "Sharia, Sharia" and will become the dominate force in Egypt within a year.  All treaties with Israel will be abrogated and Egypt, under the control of the Brotherhood will conspire with Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria and even directly with Iran to destroy Israel.  the destruction of Israel and the common religion of Islam will tie all the actors together in the assault on Israel that must surely come.


Protesters demand Sharia Law implementation, tourism that respects Islam

Around 300 individuals gathered in Tahrir Square on Friday, chanting “Islamist, Islamist,” and calling for the implementation of Sharia Law in Egypt. Protesters also raised objections regarding tourists who “violate the people’s traditions,” and demanded closer scrutiny of those who receive permission to enter the country for tourism purposes.

The protesters, who held the banner of the “Development and Renaissance Party”, refused a civil state and attacked secularism, arguing that it does not suit the Egyptian people. They stressed that Egypt is a strictly Islamic country. A number of protesters had set up a stage at the same spot that Tahrir revolutionaries used to spread their message. A number of passers-by and street vendors gathered around the group.

The protesters called for tourism that respects cultural norms, saying Gulf tourists visit to violate Egyptian women. Foreign tourists who do not respect the Islamic traditions should also be more strictly regulated, they said.