Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Hindus protest Muslim prayers at school

Canada bends over for Islam. Another example of Islam infiltrating the West. In this case, Hindus are protesting that Muslims are given room and time during school hours for prayers. So where are the Christians, Jews, Atheists and heathens in this protest? No other religious groups are given this privilege. The "rational" is that it would be dangerous for the Muslim students to leave the school to go to a mosque for prayers. So why would any student be excused from classes to go to any religious service?

Pure cowardice on the part of the government.


Hindus protest Muslim prayers at school


First posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2011 12:55:05 CDT AM

TORONTO - Hindus from across Toronto plan to protest outside a North York, Ont., middle school until a controversial Friday prayer session for 400 Muslim students are stopped.

The Canadian Hindu Advocacy is one of a number of Toronto-area groups opposed to the 30- to 40-minute services held in the cafeteria of Valley Park Middle School from November to March.

An imam from a local mosque is brought to school to head the service, officials said. During the service, male students are made to sit in front of the girls.

"This is alarming and unacceptable," said Advocacy director Ron Banerjee. "We respect the separation of church and state."

He said his group will be sending letters of protest to the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and calling for an end to the noon-hour services.

"There's not supposed to be any religious classes taking place in public schools," Banerjee said. "We will be asking the board to stop the practice."

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