Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In their own words: Eavesdropping on Seattle Muslims' terror plot

This is an interesting look into the mindset of home grown Jihadi American converts to Islam. The blundering idiots would be funny were they not truly committed to committing terrorist acts in America.


In their own words: Eavesdropping on Seattle Muslims' terror plot

By Craig Welch and Mike Carter

Details emerge in suspects' quest for guns, ideal target

SEATTLE — (MCT) They sat in a third-floor SeaTac apartment wondering if they had enough bullets.

Already they had purchased assault rifles and had talked about how to handle grenades. But the apartment's tenant, their leader, 33-year-old Abu Khalid Abdul-Latif, feared they still lacked the firepower for a real massacre.

"We're all going to look like fools if all we have is two clips apiece and we run out," Abdul-Latif told his two colleagues.

"We're not only trying to kill people," he continued. "We're trying to get something that's going to be on CNN and all over the world."

But Abdul-Latif's secret plans to send a bloody message appear to have been sabotaged by another secret: One of the alleged co-conspirators recorded their conversations for the FBI — and got paid for it.

Late in the evening on June 22, federal agents acted on that informant's work and arrested Abdul-Latif and a friend, Walli Mujahidh, 32, of Los Angeles. The Justice Department alleges the pair had conspired to gun down military and government workers at a military recruit-processing station in Seattle in hopes of igniting an uprising of Muslims in the U.S.

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