Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Terrorist Next Door

Another look at just how far Islam has infiltrated the United States. Every day more information come to light. Even 10 years ago, very few people were even aware that Islam was on a major push into the West. the Muslim Brotherhood is the foremost agent of a "peaceful" overthrow of Western civilization. Funded by the Saudis, they have made major inroads into American and European governments.


Erick Stakelbeck is the author of the recently released book, “The Terrorist Next Door: How the Government is Deceiving You About The Islamist Threat.”

Stakelbeck, a correspondent and terrorism analyst for CBN News, recently agreed to answer six questions from The Daily Caller about his new book.

12:37 AM 07/05/2011

1. Why did you decide to write the book?

Over the course of the past ten years of covering the global jihad, with a particular interest in how it is assaulting America and Europe, I had amassed so much firsthand, on-the-ground information via my investigations and interviews that I felt I had to sit down and combine it all into one comprehensive volume. My goal in that regard was simple: to wake Americans up before we find ourselves in Europe’s predicament. Europe’s restive, growing and radicalized Muslim populations are changing the very face of the Old Continent as its governments largely look on impotently, crippled by political correctness and a complete lack of cultural self-confidence.

Here in America, there is still time to reverse course, but time is of the essence. As I show in the book (with plenty of research and on-the-ground reporting to back it up), radical Islamists are making inroads not only in traditional gateway cities like New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, but in places like the Bible Belt and the American heartland.

2. You say the South is conducive to homegrown terror groups. Why so?

A few reasons. Number one, contrary to the left-wing media narrative, today’s South is a very welcoming, tolerant place. I’ve traveled throughout the region to conduct investigations and … have found that Muslim arrivals have been treated very fairly. In fact, the vast majority of Southerners have gone out of their way to be non-judgmental and make Muslims feel welcome. The bottom line is this: if Muslims were being treated badly down South (and by extension, in America), they would not continue to lay down roots there. For example, some 20,000 Muslims now live in Nashville, a city that I refer to in the book as a kind of mini–Ellis Island.

A second reason the South is attractive to Islamists are its still-vast rural areas that provide plenty of space to train, plot, and if need be, hide out. If you talk to counter-jihad activists and concerned citizens in a state like Tennessee, where several mega-mosques are being planned, they will tell you that they are being intentionally targeted. They consider the growth of Islam in their region as a premeditated challenge to the Christian heart of America. Where better for Islamists to lay down roots and show their dominance than in the buckle of the Bible Belt? And when a Caucasian guy like Daniel Boyd — leader of an eight-man Islamic terror cell in rural North Carolina that I describe in the book — purchases a large amount of firearms legally from a gun shop in say, Raleigh, it may not necessarily raise a lot of eyebrows.

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