Monday, August 1, 2011

Egypt ‘unity’ rally turns into Islamist show of strength

Egypt will surely come under control of Salafists, the question is which group, or coalition of Salafists. The Muslim Brotherhood seems to have the lead and will surely dominate, if not completely control the next government.

When, not if Egypt falls to Salifists, it will be the spark to ignite Salifists throughout the Arab world. It will also inspire radical Muslims of all flavors throughout the rest of the world to challenge their governments and inspire Muslims in the West to redouble their efforts to overthrow those governments.


Egypt ‘unity’ rally turns into Islamist show of strength

By Mohannad Sabry

World media becoming increasingly less interested these days in reporting goings-on at Tahrir Square

CAIRO — (MCT) A demonstration Friday intended to show unity among Egypt's many opposition political movements instead turned into a show of strength for the country's Islamists, underscoring jitters here that elections in the fall will lead to rising influence for conservative Muslim adherents.

Tens of thousands of bearded men and women with their faces fully covered, followers of Islam's Salafi tradition, poured into Cairo's Tahrir Square, where their chants of "The people demand the laws of Allah" drowned out any competing ideology.

Hard-line Muslim clerics called for an Islamic state from several stages that had been erected by the Muslim Brotherhood and other conservative Islamist movements, while thousands of followers marched around Tahrir Square repeating the clerics' call: "Islamic, Islamic, not socialist, and not communist."

Others displayed banners with Islamic slogans "Allah is Great," and "No god but Allah."

By Friday afternoon, many of the secular political followers who also had gathered for the demonstration had abandoned the square.

"We agreed with the Brotherhood and the Salafis over the past week to come to Tahrir Square today, unite, and pressure the government to work on reform. They lied to us and came down to promote themselves and show off their power," said Youssef Adel, a 23-year-old member of the liberal Youth for Justice and Freedom group.

Earlier in the day, a crowd of Salafi men hurled rocks and bottles at the stage Youth for Justice and Freedom had set up.

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