Monday, August 29, 2011

Indonesia: Islamic group seeks to censure film that promotes pluralism


Indonesia: Islamic group seeks to censure film that promotes pluralism

Jakarta, 29 August (AKI/Jakarta Post)

Indonesia's Islam Defenders Front (FPI) is calling for a dialogue with filmmaker Hanung Bramantyo over the latter’s film, which promotes religious pluralism.

“We refuse [for the film to be screened], so let’s sit together in a discussion to decide which parts of the movie should be cut,” FPI chief Habib Salim Alatas said Monday.

In other words, we'll decide what can and cannot be screened just because we're Muslims.

Habib added that the discussion was necessary to prevent further demonstrations over the film.

Code for "If you don't talk with us, violence will follow.

The FPI is a hard-line Islamic group that claims to enforce moralism and defend Islamic principles.

“Hanung should talk about the film’s mission, and after that we shall decide whether the movie should be screened at theaters.”

Again, the Muslim council will decide what another citizen can or cannot screen.

On Saturday last week, hundreds of FPI members demonstrated in front of SCTV television station in Central Jakarta over its plan to broadcast the film on the night of Idul Fitri.

A veiled threat for violence if their demands are not met.

After meeting with the protesters, SCTV management later decided not to screen the film.

SCTV crumbles in fear of the Muslim "protestors" (read threatening mob).

In April, FPI also demonstrated against the film being screened at theaters. At that time, Hanung met with the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and decided to cut some parts out of the movie.

Even agreeing to cut some of his film, the FPI came back and demanded more, which led to the pulling of the film. Like the boa constrictor, Islam squeezes bit by bit till there is no more life left in it's victim.