Thursday, August 4, 2011

No Muslim ‘radicals’

Exactly, there are no Muslim radicals, only pious observant Muslims whose goal is the imposition of Sharia law on all of mankind, and "moderates", who are actually bad secular Muslims who don't give a fig.


No Muslim ‘radicals’

Op-ed: Those known as ‘radicals’ in West are simply the ones who adhere to Muslim faith

Dan Calic
Published: 08.03.11, 00:39 / Israel Opinion

For years we’ve heard Muslims commonly defined by a couple of different terms, “radical” or “moderate.”

Yet what exactly do these terms mean?

Dr. Wafa Sultan, born and raised in the Muslim culture of Syria, who now resides in the US, and is a strong advocate of women’s rights, recently provided some interesting insight on this topic during an interview. What immediately caught my attention was her comment that the term “radical” doesn’t exist in the Muslim world.

No “radicals?” What is she talking about?

“This is a term invented by the West,” according to Dr. Sultan. She also indicated those who suggest Islam has been “hijacked by radicals” were off base. Those whom the West calls “radicals” are quite simply the ones who are adherents to the faith.

Dr. Sultan explained that while there no “radicals” in the Muslim world, there are “moderates.” However, one needs to take note this has nothing to do with Islam itself.

“Islam is Islam,” she explained. A “moderate” Muslim is an individual who has made a personal choice not to be an adherent to the tenets of Islam. A typical way to describe such a person in the west is “secular.”

However, in the Muslim world a “secular” or “moderate” is considered a non-believer or infidel. Such people are routinely subjected to torture and according to Islamic law should be put to death. Islam is also the only religion that mandates the death of someone who decides to leave the faith.

While Dr. Sultan is saying individual Muslims who dilute their personal commitment to Islam, may be called “moderates,” we should not take that to mean Islam itself is moderate. That would be a critical mistake according to Dr. Sultan. And those typically referred to as “radicals” are not considered radical in the Muslim world itself.

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