Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Radio: Somali kids win weapons in Quran contest

Only in an Islamic world. WTF is wrong with these people?


Radio: Somali kids win weapons in Quran contest
September 19, 2011

MOGADISHU, Somalia—An Islamist insurgent-run radio station in Somalia says it is awarding guns, bombs and books to three children in a Quran recital contest.

Andulus radio station is run by the al-Qaida-linked al-Shabab militia.

The station announced Monday that the first prize winner in the contest received a rifle and $700, the second prize winner got a rifle and $500, and the third prize winner received two bombs.

All three children also received religious books.

Al-Shabab is battling Somalia's weak, U.N.-backed government. The militants have recently been weakened by famine in territory they control.