Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Remembering Muslim Colonialism on September 11

Here's another outstanding and timely essay by Daniel Greenfield.


Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Remembering Muslim Colonialism on September 11

By Daniel Greenfield

Anyone who cared to dig through the graveyards of Sudan already knew that Muslims mattered more than Africans to us. The sky full of jets that we dispatched to bomb Yugoslavia on behalf of Muslim terrorists never clouded the skies of Khartoum. But they did show up to bomb Tripoli so that Islamist thugs could begin torturing and murdering Africans.

In the left's pyramid of races, some matter more than others, and Arabs are higher than Africans. So much higher that Sudan is piled with corpses, but the mere thought of Islamist rebels losing in Libya was enough to send in the air forces of bankrupt Western countries already tied up in too many places.

The primacy of the Arab Muslim over the African Christian is a recent thing in the liberal landscape born in part of realpolitik and the red enthusiasm for revolutionary violence. It is a thing which almost no one discusses because it has gone unnoticed. The racial vocabulary of it is one that few are even able to read.

Most still process Obama as an African-American, but while his father was from Africa and he spent part of his life in America-- he is not African-American, because he is not the conjunction of the two. His heritage was Muslim, and so was his Indonesian upbringing at the hands of one of the participants in the genocide of East Timor Christians.

Obama's books studiously attempt to mimic the questions of African-American identity in a painfully literary style that reveals its artificiality. Obama's compulsive borrowing of uncredited quotes from African-American writers and poets shows that same pursuit of authenticity, which always escapes him.

Still to most Americans race comes down to skin color, not culture, and the left believes fervently in the brotherhood of all "brown people" confronting white supremacy, an absurd European leftist construct of little relevance in a continent where European colonialism was a flash in the plan, but Arab-Muslim colonialism has been a going concern for over a thousand years.

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