Thursday, October 27, 2011

Muslim Infiltration of America

Here's four attempts by Muslims to force Islam onto America. The sad part is that in three of these cases Muslims are being aided and abetted by useful idiot dhimmis. They are in fact, slitting their own throats in order to not insult or disturb Muslims. Fortunately in the fourth case, Muslims are being told to "go pound sand".

Muslim students at Catholic University of America complain that Christian symbols make them uncomfortable when they pray in empty classrooms

Muslim students at Catholic University of America are demanding their own prayer room as the communal all purpose room is not good enough for them.

Muslim students push for ritual sinks on campus

Muslim students are demanding, and getting, separate wash rooms so they can perform ritual washing without being looked at by mere infidels.

Marines turned into dhimmis

The US Marine Corps is being instructed that while in Afghanistan, they are not to spit, urinate, or sleep with their feet toward the west as that's the direction of Mecca.


Debate over headwear raises questions at jails

A Muslim woman convicted of conspiring to funnel money to terrorists in Somalia is protesting a ban on headwear at the Sherburne County Jail where she’s an inmate. Even from within prison, a Muslim terrorist is waging jihad. Fortunately, the prison officials are so far resisting her demands. CAIR of course is demanding that she be allowed special accommodations solely because she is a Muslim. Hopefully the prison will prevail.

In all the first three examples, the unifying thing is that we are acceding to Islam and in so doing are making ourselves dhimmis. We must be seen as weak, fearful creatures by Muslims for rolling over to accommodate their barbaric, backwards rituals and religion.