Sunday, October 9, 2011

Secret army of 200 homegrown suicide bombers 'plotting to attack Britain'

And this is the result of not only allowing Muslims to immigrate almost without restriction, but the suicidal intent of the government to encourage that immigration.


Secret army of 200 homegrown suicide bombers 'plotting to attack Britain'

Experts warn little can be done to prevent a well planned terrorist attack

By Daniel Miller

Last updated at 2:17 PM on 9th October 2011

More than 200 UK-based terrorists are currently plotting to carry out suicide bombing attacks in Britain and are likely to strike during next year's London Olympics intelligence chiefs have warned.

Government ministers have been briefed on the threat by senior intelligence officers from MI5 and MI6 who claim the figure is a 'conservative estimate'.

The information is said to be part of a secret government report on the enduring threat from Al-Qaeda and other Islamic terrorist organisations
Fears: British intelligence believes there are 200 terrorists based in the UK plotting suicide bombing attacks like those carried out in London in July 2005

It is estimated there are 2000 extremist based in Britain currently planning some kind of terrorist activity.

Despite the recent deaths of Al- Qaeda chiefs Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awalki, security services say the organisation remains as dangerous a threat as ever.
The authorities fear a suicide bomber could kill up to 120 people using a vest packed with explosives and ball-bearings

Intelligence chiefs say there is little the authorities can do to prevent a well-organised attack by a terrorist cell.

One intelligence officer told the Sunday Telegraph: 'We may have only had one 'successful' suicide attack in Britain but the tactic remains an enduring threat.

'This is a generational problem we are facing. The terrorists are learning all the time and adapting their tactics. They now operate a cell structure and there security is very tight.

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