Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Columbia Association to hold woman-only swim times

"Need grew from county's Muslim community". The useful idiots have once again been used to further Islamic colonization of America. Despite all the wonderful multi-culti blathering about religious sensitivities and the sisterhood of women, the bottom line is that Muslims have gotten special treatment based on their "religion" at the expense of our secular society.

CAIR, the American mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood of course is praising the women only hours at the swim pool as a wonderful breakthrough. And the useful dhimmies glow and simper at his praise.

And so we continue to aid and abet our mortal enemy.


Columbia Association to hold woman-only swim times
Need grew from county's Muslim community

By Jessica Anderson, The Baltimore Sun

9:09 p.m. EST, November 14, 2011
When Shehlla Khan's husband became ill, it fell on her to take their three children to the pool. But for Khan, who is Muslim, the task was difficult.

The Columbia resident said she was concerned about people watching her swim in the conservative, cover-all dress required by Islamic dress codes, and thinking: "What's wrong? Why can't you take it off?"

So Khan, 39, brought the issue up with members of her Dar Al-Taqwa mosque in Ellicott City. The mosque, along with members of a faith-based county group, People Acting Together in Howard, met with the Columbia Association to create a twice-weekly, women-only swim time, a trial that is scheduled to be announced Tuesday.

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The Columbia Association, which operates 23 pools in Howard, will join other communities that have made similar accommodations to create a more welcoming atmosphere for Muslims and other female swimmers.

New York City's recreation and parks department offers a women-only swim time at the Metropolitan Recreation Center. Pools around Toronto and other cities have also offered similar options, according to news reports. And at a swimming pool in Seattle, Muslim woman have used brown paper to cover glass windows, providing privacy from the lobby.

Several private universities, including Harvard and George Washington, also have provided female-only swim times, with several hours a week set aside. But occasionally, such programs have run into opponents who suggest they unfairly cater to one group. At George Washington some complained, citing concerns over the program infringing on American liberties.

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