Thursday, November 24, 2011

Muslim that bashed his wife fears he will now be bashed

Well, this guy should fear returning to Saudi. He will certainly be flogged for drunkenness, but not for hitting his wife. Consuming alcohol is forbidden by the Quran, but hitting ones wife is actually recommended in certain circumstances.


Muslim that bashed his wife fears he will now be bashed

by: Mark Dunn
From: Herald Sun
November 25, 2011 12:00AM

A DEVOUT Muslim fears violent retribution for getting drunk and bashing his wife, a court heard yesterday.

Waleed Almazyad, who is sponsored by the Saudi Arabian Government to study accountancy in Melbourne, is supposed to adhere to strict sharia law, which bans alcohol.

But Melbourne Magistrates' Court heard that, after sharing five bottles of beer with university mates one night, he returned home and bashed his wife.

Defence lawyer Carolene Gwynn said Almazyad had to deal not only with shame. There had been two known incidents of severe bashings being meted out to conservative Muslims who drank alcohol in breach of religious laws, she said.

Almazyad, 35, pleaded guilty to assault after hitting his wife several times in late 2009.

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Brooke Sheers said at one point Almazyad, who the court heard had never drunk alcohol before, dragged his wife by the hair.

She smashed a vase over his head, inflicting a scar beneath his eye.

"She did quite well for herself ... he does have a permanent reminder," Ms Gwynn said.

Almazyad faced being sent back to Saudi Arabia if convicted.

Magistrate Ian von Einem noted that a conviction would also see Almazyad's wife and children sent back to Saudi Arabia early.

He placed him a good behaviour bond, but warned him against committing further violence.