Friday, December 9, 2011

Concerns grow over 'morality police' in Tunisia

Modern, secular Tunisia, the birthplace of the Arab Spring is rapidly being taken over by morality police, much as we see in Saudi Arabia and Iran. The Arab Spring is predictably the gateway not for democracy, but rather the complete domination of the Middle East by the Muslim Brotherhood and even more radical Salafists.


Concerns grow over 'morality police' in Tunisia


Tunisians fear that a committee to prevent vice will endanger their liberties but the group founder says that they will only uphold "Tunisia's Islamic identity".

By Houda Trabelsi for Magharebia in Tunis – 07/12/11

Bearded men roam the streets and batter with their batons those whom they perceive different from their sect, terrifying women and youths. Tunisian woman Monia Jawadi emphatically described what the country would look if it were to institutionalise its first morality police.

Reports that Tunisia may establish a committee for the promotion of virtue and prevention of vice have sent waves of anxiety among citizens, especially as the country struggles to preserve its social gains.

"It would be a major disaster if such a committee was given a legal license," Jawadi said, adding that the body would be "alien" to Tunisia and its habits.

Committee founder Adil El Almi, however, argued that the creation of religious police has become "indispensable" in Tunisia.

"The recent election has proved that the Islamic identity of the Tunisian people is out of the question," he told Magharebia.

"Our field of activity will mainly be social, and we'll try to find solutions for problems before they are referred to courts," he said. "We'll also redress grievances and defend the oppressed. We will start from that, and we'll follow a policy of gradual stages and arguments."

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