Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Holland stands up to Muslim intimidation

Well, well, well, the little Netherlands is standing up to the tsunami of jihad. These two stories should be an inspiration and example for all Western nations. Little by little, some Western governments are realizing the extent and the danger of the Muslim invasion and colonization that is taking place in plain sight. Go Holland. Go Geert Wilders.

First, in response to Egypt's demand that Geert Wilders be stopped from publishing a book, the Dutch ambassador to Egypt has told the Egyptian Foreign Minister that in Holland, people have freedom of speech and that if Egypt doesn't like that, to stay home, it's none of Egypt's business.

Story here:


Egypt summoned ambassador over Wilders

Published on 14 December 2011 - 8:02pm

Egypt is concerned about a book that Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders plans to publish in the spring. Earlier today, the German Press Agency DPA reported that Dutch ambassador Susan Blankhart was summoned by the Egyptian Foreign Minister in November to explain anti-Islamic comments by the controversial MP.

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The second item concerns a debate was invaded by a mob of Muslims demanding the death of a Muslim, lesbian panel member. the reaction of the audience was to eject the mob and have them arrested, then carry on with their agenda. Good on them for not running from Muslim intimidation. These good folks should also be an example for the weak kneed Western politicians who only want to appease the Islamic mobs and accept dhimmitude under Muslim overlords.


Islamic Extremists Call for Lesbian’s Death (Video)

by Paul Canning
December 13, 2011
6:45 pm

A December 8 debate, which included the Canadian Muslim lesbian author Irshad Manji and MP Tofik Dibi on a panel, was disrupted when extremists from the group Sharia4Belgium stormed the event, held at the De Balie theater in Amsterdam. The mob threw eggs and called for Manji’s neck to be broken.

The group of about 20 men and boys arrived halfway through the evening, chanted slogans and pelted the audience with eggs. A police mobile unit had to be called to eject the rioters, and two Belgian men aged 19 and 22 were arrested.

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