Saturday, January 7, 2012

Islamic Climate of Intimidation: Are the lights going out?

The following partial list of entities who are self-censuring in the face of Islamic intimidation are part of the Islamic efforts to stifle any criticism of Islam. This self censuring has been brought about through the process of political correctness and raw fear of Muslim terror attacks. That the list is growing by the day indicates the success of the Islamic jihad to impose Sharia law on the entire world.


Islamic Climate of Intimidation: Are the lights going out?

Here's a very incomplete list of organizations or people self-censoring, or hiring bodyguards, or going into hiding, or taking other precautions, and sometimes getting killed or wounded after receiving death threats and violence from Muslims following the example of Muhammad, who said there would be no punishment for murdering someone who had insulted him.

Monty Python comedian (self-censors in fear of Muslims)

Yale University Press (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats);

Metropolitan Museum of Art (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats);

National Archives of Canada (self-censors in response to Muslim death threats);

French newspaper (after being firebombed for printing a cartoon of Muhammad, the next day the paper prints that cartoon again, and more! Bravo!)

Hollywood (self-censors by canceling a movie project about Jews in Malmo, Sweden, after learning of frequent Muslim threats and acts of violence against Jews in Malmo);

Talk-show host David Letterman (At Al Qaeda website a frequent commenter calls on Muslims to cut out Letterman's tongue and kill him.)

Paris Dipersico, author (beaten by two Muslim men for writing things "against Islam," such as "Islam is a religion of 'peace', and Muslims will kill you to prove it.")

Director of the museum in the Hague, Wim van Krimpen(self-censors in response to Muslim death threats)

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