Saturday, January 21, 2012

Libyan Islamists rally to demand sharia-based law

And so Libya is going the way of Egypt. No surprises here. You have to give the MB credit for patience, perseverance and planning. While it is not conducive to world piece, having the MB and other Salafists coming to power will insure continued sectarian infighting between Wahabbi sects and Sunni against Shiite. The classical Arab/Muslim intolerance for other religions/sects is the best thing that can happen to dilute the power of Islam. As long as Muslims are happy, willing and able to kill each other, the West has some breathing room to consolidate their power and formulate a plan to stop the Islamic invasion.


Libyan Islamists rally to demand sharia-based law

By Mahmoud Habboush

TRIPOLI | Fri Jan 20, 2012 6:11pm EST

TRIPOLI (Reuters) - Hundreds of Libyan Islamists rallied on Friday to demand that Muslim sharia law inspire legislation in what organizers called a response to the emergence of secular political parties after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi's dictatorship last year.

Assembled by Islamist political and religious groups, mostly young and bearded men holding up copies of the Koran demonstrated in squares in the capital Tripoli, the eastern city of Benghazi and in Sabha in the southern desert.

In Tripoli's Algeria Square, Islamists burned copies of the "Green Book," Gaddafi's eccentric handbook on politics, economics and everyday life, to underline that the Koran should be the country's main source of legislation.

By contrast, a group of secularists who have staged a sit-in in the square for more than a month chanted: "We want a civil state."

The Islamist demonstrators encompassed members of the conservative Muslim Brotherhood and harder-line Salafis, who both back strict versions of Islam, and relative moderates who prefer a civil state simply inspired by sharia.

The protests offered a glimpse into Libya's political future in which Islamist and secularist parties are expected to vie for seats in a national assembly scheduled to be elected in June to draft a constitution for the North African country.

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