Monday, February 27, 2012

Iran to lynch Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani: Say nothing, do nothing

Some Qurans are burned and the Muslim world riots and murders. A Christian is to be hanged for being a Chsistian and the Christian world cowers and begs for dhimmitude.


Iran to lynch Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani: Say nothing, do nothing

By Peter V. Bella

CHICAGO, February 26, 2012—

Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani is facing execution in Iran. His crimes? He is an apostate who abandoned Islam.

He was convicted of practicing Christianity, trying to register home churches, and questioning the mandatory Islamic religious education of his children.

The pastor was given an option. Recant his faith and he can live. His faith is his life. He refused. He is condemned to be lynched.

There has been quite a bit of “concerned” diplomatic palavering over this case. So far our President has not made any strong public comments or apologies. Neither have the Secretary of State or any other high government official.

No books were burned so why condemn something as insignificant as a mere human life? The life of a many who chose Chirstianity over the violence of Islam.

Granted it is no one but the Pastor's fault that he will not save his own life by recanting. There is no reason to get upset about it. It is not like a book, even a Koran, was burned, cartoons published, movies made, or other kinds of freedom expressed.

Those must be condemned, strongly discouraged, apologized for continuously, people held accountable, or in the case of our so-called brave nation, never happen.

So it must be that Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani killed. But even then, he is not some famous celebrity murderer on death row who must be saved by international protests, marches, and tearful pleadings from the beautiful, and liberal, people.

He is just a Christian. If he is willing to die for his faith, why bother? Let him die.

There is something else not happening. Christians around the world are not rioting, loudly protesting at mosques or burning them. They are not fomenting other violent acts or killing Muslims.

There aren’t even any mass protests.

There is no or very little condemnation of Muslim theocracies or autocracies. There are no scathing fiery editorials in our so-called free press condemning Iran or radical Islam for this gross violation of human rights.

There are no preachers in their pulpits spewing hell, fire, and brimstone. There are only statements of “concern”.

No one is creating phony terms like Christianophobia, and accusing Iran, or other nations of practicing that. No one is starting fake civil rights organizations. No one is demanding our president say something, or do something.

Every one is being oh so very polite, “concerned” and diplomatic. Islamophilia has taken hold in America and our government. We are silent witless enablers in the face of murder and persecution. It is the right thing to do. It is the politically correct thing to do. It is the multi-cultural thing to do. It is the civilized thing to do.

It is cowardly thing to do.

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